3 Reasons Why Professional Web Designers are Expensive (But Worth It)

3 Reasons Why Professional Web Designers are Expensive (But Worth It)

Pro VS Amateur

First and foremost, let us reiterate that there are big differences between professional web designers and amateur ones. Professional ones are those who have the experience, skills and drive to produce the outputs you need. We do not rely on tools and equipment to get the job done, we rely on our skills and talent. Amateur ones rely heavily on programs/tools. Knowing how to operate a program doesn’t make you a professional.

We’ve had a lot (a LOT) of clients who’ve had multiple issues with their branding and websites. They already have existing websites, but they are either unhappy about how it looks, or it was not properly set up. When they come to us for web revisions, they are a bit desperate. Because this is the time when their site is either on the blink of crashing, breaking down, or when their customers are starting to complain about slow service and feedback.

3 Reasons Why Professional Web Designers are Expensive (But Worth It)

1. You are paying for quality. Get it right the first time around

Some of our clients keep going back to people who offer cheap services. Most of the time, they are cheap for a reason. If you compute your expenses for all the quick fixes, revisions and re branding, it will actually save you money to hire a professional and get it right the first time. Just like any other profession, you are paying for expertise.

2. Time

Web designers do not get time off. If your website crashes and sales is disrupted, we need to fix this ASAP. When your website needs updating and you do not wish to experience downtime, we’ll be fixing it either after working hours (or when everyone is sleeping), during the weekends or holidays. Endless time is spent not only for maintaining your sites, but also ensuring that your business is not disrupted from a faulty website.

3. We are also paying for our tools

Aside from time, we also have to pay for our equipment, electricity, domain and hosting fees and other expenses. In order to produce quality work, we also need to shell out money.

This article is written on behalf of a lot of underpaid and overworked web designers out there. Please do not low ball us. You, as clients are always our priority, but we are also human beings. Treat us well and you will get your moneys worth.

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